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Beautiful finishes are the keystone of classic and timeless style. There is no finer or more prestigious item of superior decor than premium quality, stunningly beautiful stone for tiling, mosaics, bench tops, vanities, and other architectural finishes. From mosaic backsplash tile to marble mosaic tile, kitchen murals to kitchen backsplash tile, travertine floor tile to bathroom backsplash tiles, top quality stone is the material of choice to achieve an elegant and superior look.

Welcome to White Mosaic: your leading supplier of natural, premium quality marble, limestone, travertine, onyx and pebble stone. Located in Southern California, USA, we operate an online store for all of your stone requirements, and additionally operate our own stone quarries and factories internationally, bringing you the very best stone available worldwide.

White Mosaic offers a product range and quality that is second to none. We provide stone that is of the highest quality at very competitive prices, and all of our stone is personally selected by us so you know you are getting the very best product available.

Add some luxury to your home or business setting: invest in some beautiful natural stone from White Mosaic.

We provide the following varieties of stone in tiles and mosaics:

Marble: including white Carrara marble, Calacatta gold marble. Marble is a form of limestone that has been exposed to extreme heat and resolidified. Marble is prized for its beautiful appearance, strength, and polishability. Used for sculpture and architecture since antiquity, it is mined from the oldest parts of Earth’s crust. India’s Taj Mahal is entirely composed of white marble.

Limestone: limestone is a wonderful tiling option where a lightweight stone is required. Often used in cladding, it is readily available, easy to install, and offers a unique look to your chosen decor. Limestone is composed of minerals and crystallized skeletal fragments of ancient marine organisms. It is very commonly used architecturally, and the Great Pyramid of Giza, for example, is made of limestone.

Travertine: our travertine floor tile is something special. Travertine is limestone which has been formed by hot mineral springs or in caves, and the stone has a fibrous or concentric appearance. The holes within the stone are its key characteristic. Most travertine is mined in Turkey, and it is most popular for use in flooring, kitchen backsplash and bathroom backsplash tile, and fireplaces.

Onyx: onyx is a form of chalcedony, a banded rock. At White Mosaic, we stock tiles in Honey Onyx and White Onyx. Onyx offers a translucent effect, and is a beautiful but somewhat fragile natural stone which requires expert installation.

Pebble Stone: river rock pebble stone is a decorative option for landscaping and some interior applications. We have an array of pebble stone varieties from which to choose…