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The Beauty of Honey Onyx Tiles


The typical characteristic of Honey Onyx Tiles remains its extra fine finish and luster which other tiles can seldom match. It is the translucent stone which has the quality of letting some light pass through it. The stone is of calciferous origin and very similar to marble in makeup. The variety of earthy colors and other shades make the use of honey onyx tiles possible at places which require aesthetic combinations with the surroundings whether it is flooring application, kitchen or backsplashes. Continue reading…

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Why is Natural Stone so Timeless?

A house is more than a shelter. Besides important attributes like convenience, strength, durability, etc., it invariably makes a statement about the persona of people living in it. Just like most things around us, architectural trends evolve over time. While it is easier to adapt to most changes which are comparatively minor, some things like changing the style of your building is not always practical. The buildings which use natural stones like marble or limestone or travertine display eternal charm and thus always remain contemporary in style. This significance of using natural stones over manufactured construction products is also pointed by most architects besides other inherent advantages associated with these stones. Continue reading…

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Murals: Mosaic tiles


A mural is simple any piece of large scale artwork applied directly to a wall or ceiling. The architectural qualities of the given space are incorporated into its design, and it can be applied as paint, mosaic tiles, plastering, or other mediums.

Murals have existed as long as man could draw, and cave paintings from the Stone Age are our earliest examples of mural work dating from at least 30,000BC. It is believed that murals are the oldest human art form, and there is evidence of these dating from prehistory the world over. They were carved, scratched, etched, and painted. Continue reading…


Mosaic: Where it all Began…


When you opt to install a marble mosaic kitchen backsplash or a bathroom mosaic backsplash, you probably don’t give much thought to the fact that you are following in decor footsteps that were put down millennia ago. Terracotta cones were pushed into a background to create a textured pattern.

What is a mosaic? Mosaic is the art form whereby images or patterns are created by assembling small fragments of glass, ceramic, or stone. Continue reading…

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Iconic Examples of Travertine


Travertine is a natural rock created deep in the earth by the action of hot springs on limestone. Travertine is native to the Tivoli region near Rome in Italy, and has been quarried there and prized as a building material since ancient times. It is rustic and durable, and its appearance improves with age. It is abundant, lighter than granite or marble, easy to quarry, and was used very frequently by the ancient Romans.

Some of the world’s most famous architectural structures are comprised of travertine: Continue reading…