We all know the feeling: you walk into a room and it just feels old, tired, and in need of a revamp. Painting is one option, but sometimes you want something more. Renovating or remodeling are both costly, time consuming, and very inconvenient. What to do?

There is another solution, which is less expensive than a renovation: new tiles.

You could opt for new floor tiles, but this too can be quite expensive and disruptive to the running of your home while it is being undertaken. You’ll also likely want to do the floors in more than one room.

Wall tiles, particularly in the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry, are the single quickest and most convenient way to freshen and even change the entire look and feel of these rooms. And, as we all know, kitchens and bathrooms are those areas most often renovated, as they date so easily.

Replace your Kitchen Backsplash to lift the entire room. You can choose from a range of kitchen murals, kitchen backsplash tile varieties, or even a marble mosaic backsplash to suit your personality, and to enhance or change the ambience of your kitchen. If your budget allows, replace cupboard door handles and tap ware, and it will look like a brand new kitchen.

Revamping your bathroom backsplash tile is another fast and generally affordable way to lift and refresh the look and feel of your bathroom. An old, dated bathroom can look amazingly different with some new and modern tiles; it can be especially elegant and appealing if a marble tile backsplash or mosaic tile backsplash is chosen. Likewise, splash out on new handles for vanity doors and some new tap ware for the vanity, bath and shower.

Don’t forget the laundry! Laundry spaces are becoming ever more important to home buyers; gone are the days when a pokey little space will do. The first and easiest way to make a laundry more appealing (let’s face it, extending is rarely an option) is to replace the tile backsplash at the sink, as well as the tap ware. This small change will have a big impact; choosing the right tiles will make even the smallest space look bigger, and shiny new taps will gleam.

Revamping your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry with new backsplash tile is a great way to add value to your home. Such a small change, in the big scheme of things, can make the entire space look and feel as if it is new.

White Mosaic has a fantastic range of backsplash, marble, and mosaic tiles, as well as floor tiles at incredibly competitive prices. Check out what we have to offer today!

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