Pebblestone is derived from natural stones, and river rock is arguably the most attractive type of pebblestone available on the market. Each individual pebble or stone is adhered to a mesh or coated with an epoxy to bond the stones together; this forms a permanently locked surface, which is then applied to any concrete surface. Pebblestone affords an attractive look to both interior and exterior floors and even walls.


pebblestoneWhy Choose Pebblestone?

  • Pebblestone effectively covers and hides unsightly cracks which are inevitable in concrete surfaces
  • The porous nature of pebblestone makes it easy to sweep or blow out dirt, dust, leaves, and other debris with a standard leaf blower.
  • The River Rock used for Pebblestone at White Mosaic is one hundred percent natural and as such will not fade.
  • Pebblestone can be installed onto any concrete surface; even if it is damaged, uneven or cracked, pebblestone will correct this flaw. Pebblestone tiles are flexible.
  • Pebblestone heats up in the sun, yet unlike concrete it will cool down quickly and not retain heat all day and into the night.
  • It is easy to repair should the unlikely need to do so arise
  • Pebblestone is smooth underfoot
  • Due to its durability, pebblestone is extremely child and pet friendly.
  • It is suitable for both cold and hot climates


What do I Need to Know?

Pebblestone should be cleaned and sealed every three years. This will ensure the surface remains clean and that any epoxy bond which holds the stones together remains strong. This process involves pressure cleaning to strip old epoxy from the surface, then a reapplication of epoxy to strengthen the surface.

How Can I Use Pebblestone?

White Mosaic provides an array of pebblestone products in a variety of sizes and colors. It can be installed indoors or outdoors including on patios; around (but never inside) swimming pools and spas; on decks; flooring; wall cladding; in bathrooms and showers, and even as a splash back. Pebblestone features in bathrooms are a unique and popular way to personalize your space.

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