Its 2015 and we have come so far. It feels like technology has changed our lives completely. But there are areas of our lives where we haven’t felt the affect as much. Kitchens are one of these ares. Don’t get me wrong, there have been amazing advancements where our kitchen counters become charging stations, our where our refrigerators are interacting with our food and sending data to our cell phones, the examples can go on… But what we are talking about is the actual designs. Kitchen designs haven’t changed significantly, or have they? When it comes to amazing kitchen designs there is so much to be inspired by. Take one look around the internet and you can see all the wonderful designs that people are making and sharing. We always suggest when going into a new kitchen design, look around get ideas and be inspired. make something you own by knowing all the options out there. Marble is a great product to be utilized for any type of kitchen design. White Carrara Mosaics are a staple item when trying to use white in a kitchen. This product can be paired with almost anything and look good. Most recently we saw a kitchen with ledger stone on its walls and marble tiles on the floors, it was a design that was truly earning of the title Amazing Kitchen Design. We are here to help you with all your design questions. Feel free to contact our staff with any questions at