Marble Countertops are in now. There is a lot of talk about how suitable they really are for a kitchen thou. We say pick the color and product you like and run with it. But there is some truth to the downsides of using marble as a kitchen counter. First off Marble is more pourus than a granite or a Quarts product like Ceasar Stone or Compac Quartz. This means that you will need to have more care when using it. For example a lemon can etch your marble counter and a simple daily task like cutting the bread directly on your counter may scratch it. To avoid all this you just need to be educated. The most important this is to use a strong and capable natural stone sealer, we suggest 511 products. After the stone is sealed properly you should be safe from stains, but keep in mind you will need to re seal your stone regularly. Now when it comes to cleaning, you need to be cautious in what kind of products you use. Never use harsh chemicals your countertops. Always use a ph balanced soap and warm water. The warm water helps dissolve dirt of your marble countertop and the ph balanced soap ensures that you don’t damage the product. The second thing to remember is use a soft sponge or a terry cloth towel. never use the metal scrubber or a cleaning tool that is anything other than soft. A few other helpful points can be: always use a cutting board when cutting and never place hot items from your oven our cooktop surface directly on your countertop. Follow these simple rules and this way you can have your cake and eat it too. Remember we are a phone call away if you need help deciding on the type of product you want to use.