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Category Archives: News

Best Marble Tiles Online


The internet is great, you have endless options and the stores are pen to shop 24 hours a day. This has brought so many opportunities for sellers and buyers alike. This week we would like to talk about the best way to buy online when it comes to Marble Tiles. However when buying a natural stone products its crucial to understand what you are purchasing and having the proper expectations. Continue reading…

Amazing kitchen designs


Its 2015 and we have come so far. It feels like technology has changed our lives completely. But there are areas of our lives where we haven’t felt the affect as much. Kitchens are one of these ares. Don’t get me wrong, there have been amazing advancements where our kitchen counters become charging stations, our where our refrigerators are interacting with our food and sending data to our cell phones, the examples can go on… Continue reading…

Best way to clean a marble countertop


Marble Countertops are in now. There is a lot of talk about how suitable they really are for a kitchen thou. We say pick the color and product you like and run with it. But there is some truth to the downsides of using marble as a kitchen counter. First off Marble is more pourus than a granite or a Quarts product like Ceasar Stone or Compac Quartz. Continue reading…

How to pick the best mosaic backsplash


First we need to address what is a mosaic. And what is a backsplash. Mosaics used in the commercial or residential building industry are stone products that are cut in certain sizes and placed on a 12’’x12’’ mesh net and glued together to have a certain look. Continue reading…

Amazing White Carrara Bathroom


White Carrara Marble has been used for centuries… It can easily win the award for most used stone in Europe. Not only in bathrooms but everywhere. This is the type of product that is so versatile that it simply works with everything. The simple grey veins that run through it create a look that is beautiful and elegant, charming but yet not overdone. Continue reading…