First we need to address what is a mosaic. And what is a backsplash. Mosaics used in the commercial or residential building industry are stone products that are cut in certain sizes and placed on a 12’’x12’’ mesh net and glued together to have a certain look. As you see in the photo. Then these 12’’x12’’ pieces are placed together on a wall or a floor and the ones that are placed on a wall are then refereed to as a backsplash. Often this term is used for kitchen backsplashes. When selecting the best type the very first thing to look for is contrast. You have to decide do you want to have contract or do you prefer to have a blended look. In this photo the client selected to have a blended look. This often means that the floor and wall are matching in color and feel. This os on way to go about it. The other would be to have a contrasted look. This is where the floor or counter does not blend in with the backsplash. You can think of this as if using a White Carrara Backsplash in your kitchen you would probably use a absolute black granite counter. This gives us incredible contrast. or you can take it down a notch and use anything in between. When it comes to natural stone the options are limitless. Feel free to get in touch with us anytime at