Ivory Travertine is also know as Light Travertine. Usually a light colored stone suitable for outdoors or indoor uses. In this photo the kitchen floors are made with it. Some say that Travertine is a stone that is more on the porous side, this tends to be true, however with the technology in sealers these days it should not affect you at all. The beauty with Ivory travertine is that it can flow through a  room and look beautiful in almost any setting. Its a timeless product, if you have  a modern kitchen in mind or even a traditional look you are after, with light travertine you can accomplish this. There are a few regions in the world where this product comes from but mostly its from Turkey or Italy. When it comes to quality you should make sure that the product you purchase is dense and does not have many fills. The more fills a product has the lower it is in quality. Usually a 10% fill ration is the maximum for a high quality travertine. When you start to have more fills in a stone it can affect the way it looks and the durability. We pride ourselves in selling the highest quality stones at the best prices. We are here to help you become educated buyers so you can get the best. Feel free to get in touch with us anytime at