When you opt to install a marble mosaic kitchen backsplash or a bathroom mosaic backsplash, you probably don’t give much thought to the fact that you are following in decor footsteps that were put down millennia ago. Terracotta cones were pushed into a background to create a textured pattern.

What is a mosaic? Mosaic is the art form whereby images or patterns are created by assembling small fragments of glass, ceramic, or stone.

The oldest mosaics ever found in the world to date were located in a temple in Ubaid, Mesopotamia, and they are five thousand years old. Created from pieces of shells, colored stones, and ivory, they are a truly fascinating look into the history of this art form.

Mosaics were used in the ancient world to decorate the floors and footpaths, particularly in ancient Greece and ancient Rome, and the world’s most famous Roman Empire mosaics were crafted in Syria and Africa. Mythological depictions were the most popular mosaic subjects in Greek and Roman culture, and common mosaic subjects include the god Apollo, the Muses, sea god Neptune, and god of wine Dionysius. Inspiration was also taken from daily life, including hunting with dogs, fishing, and agriculture, as well as seasonal scenes.


By the time of Christ, tesserae, or small manufactured pieces of stone, were being used to craft detail that could imitate the effect of paintings; many of the Pompeian mosaics we can still see today were created by artisans from Greece. As the Roman Empire expanded, the art spread across the world.

The Byzantine Empire took the art to a new level; special glass was used and much of it was backed with gold or silver leaf that was reflective. The Byzantines covered walls and ceilings with mosaics, and Roman themes were coupled with Christian depictions.


Islamic art mosaics were brought to Europe by the Moors in the eighth century, and Islamic motifs were almost exclusively mathematical and geometrical in design.

The trend for mosaics declined throughout Europe during the Middle Ages, with the exception of use in abbeys and cathedrals…

When you install a marble mosaic backsplash in your home, you are recreating an art form that may be the oldest we use in home decor today. Let White Mosaic make yours perfect.

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