A mural is simple any piece of large scale artwork applied directly to a wall or ceiling. The architectural qualities of the given space are incorporated into its design, and it can be applied as paint, mosaic tiles, plastering, or other mediums.

Murals have existed as long as man could draw, and cave paintings from the Stone Age are our earliest examples of mural work dating from at least 30,000BC. It is believed that murals are the oldest human art form, and there is evidence of these dating from prehistory the world over. They were carved, scratched, etched, and painted.


Examples of murals in history include:

  • Mayans decorated their temples with murals
  • Egyptian tombs feature extensive mural work
  • Tibetan Buddhists have used murals since ancient times for reflective meditation
  • Pompeian frescoes are a form of mural painting onto plaster
  • Baroque art in France, Germany and England saw royalty and the rich commission Biblical murals for their ceilings
  • Murals have long been painted onto church walls, and carved into stone or wood building exteriors.
  • Murals are also used for socio-political and revolutionary message transmission

Murals are also a wonderful way for people to express their individual style and taste in home and office decor. From living rooms to children’s bedrooms, murals can transform a space. Even in places like schools and hospitals, a mural can create a welcoming, warm atmosphere that is neither bland nor boring.

Home interiors today see an array of mural styles: graffiti-style feature wall murals, kitchen tile or bathroom tile murals, and much more.

Kitchen murals are a popular decorative aspect of many kitchens, both modern and traditional. In this space, mosaic tile murals are most popular and offer a timeless yet modern aesthetic. White Mosaic is proud to provide an array of marble tiles suitable for creating kitchen murals, as a backsplash or simply a decorative feature. Visit our online store today to see how a kitchen mural can give new life to the heart of your home.

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