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Marble: Carrara versus Calacatta


Amongst the premium marble tile options for your home are Carrara and Calacatta varieties. What are the differences between the two?

Both of these marbles originate in Italy, with both varieties coming from the Carrara region in Tuscany. Calacatta marble is the rarer variety of the two, and the most prized marble variety on earth. Sculptor Michelangelo favored Calacatta marble for his work. Continue reading…

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All about Pebblestone


Pebblestone is derived from natural stones, and river rock is arguably the most attractive type of pebblestone available on the market. Each individual pebble or stone is adhered to a mesh or coated with an epoxy to bond the stones together; this forms a permanently locked surface, which is then applied to any concrete surface. Pebblestone affords an attractive look to both interior and exterior floors and even walls. Continue reading…


Why Natural Stone Tile is the Superior Flooring Choice.


There is a wide range of different types of flooring. Here we look at these and explain why, in our opinion, natural stone tile is the far superior choice when flooring the inside of your home.

The type of flooring you choose will markedly change the look and atmosphere of your rooms. Great flooring will enhance your home in an array of ways, and can even add significant value to your property. Here are the most popular types of flooring: Continue reading…

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A Fast (and Affordable!) Home Revamp


We all know the feeling: you walk into a room and it just feels old, tired, and in need of a revamp. Painting is one option, but sometimes you want something more. Renovating or remodeling are both costly, time consuming, and very inconvenient. What to do?

There is another solution, which is less expensive than a renovation: new tiles. Continue reading…


Best Marble Tiles Online


The internet is great, you have endless options and the stores are pen to shop 24 hours a day. This has brought so many opportunities for sellers and buyers alike. This week we would like to talk about the best way to buy online when it comes to Marble Tiles. However when buying a natural stone products its crucial to understand what you are purchasing and having the proper expectations. Continue reading…

Amazing kitchen designs


Its 2015 and we have come so far. It feels like technology has changed our lives completely. But there are areas of our lives where we haven’t felt the affect as much. Kitchens are one of these ares. Don’t get me wrong, there have been amazing advancements where our kitchen counters become charging stations, our where our refrigerators are interacting with our food and sending data to our cell phones, the examples can go on… Continue reading…