The typical characteristic of Honey Onyx Tiles remains its extra fine finish and luster which other tiles can seldom match. It is the translucent stone which has the quality of letting some light pass through it. The stone is of calciferous origin and very similar to marble in makeup. The variety of earthy colors and other shades make the use of honey onyx tiles possible at places which require aesthetic combinations with the surroundings whether it is flooring application, kitchen or backsplashes.

One of the unique aesthetic applications of honey onyx tiles which is getting popular among the modern house owners is making doors with iron frames using them as panel boards. Use of such doors at bathrooms provides a feeling of larger area expanse and the light filtering through its translucent property adds to the charm.

The honey onyx tiles are available at most marble stone shops such as White Mosaic in rectangular, square or other shapes. Since this stone is highly fragile in nature, use of mesh reinforcements or resins is frequently adopted to provide it the strength to be used as a tile. It is recommended to use cement backer boards of around 5/8” thickness beneath onyx tiles for flooring uses and backer boards of 1/4” thickness for wall applications. Care should be taken to install these tiles on even surfaces only.

The shine of these tiles and the soft natural shades of wide varieties add to the elegance and character of the room where it is used. Since no two pieces of onyx tile will be the same, it is often advised to open the carton of onyx tiles and arrange them on the dry surface where they are to be used. This will enable you to make necessary positioning modifications to get the best effect.

Being translucent in nature, use of white thin-set mortar is necessary to get the right impact of the onyx tiles; otherwise the color of the setting mortar will interfere with the color of the tile. If you intend to fix the honey onyx tile yourself, it is important to note that use of a wet saw blade only will be helpful in cutting the tile. The drill and other tools will not be suitable since the stone is very brittle in nature. The sealing of the tiles after fixing is also very important since the stone is porous in nature. In case you are not proficient, it is advisable to engage a skilled tile contractor for the job.

The maintenance of honey onyx tile is similar to marble. If used as flooring, honey onyx tiles should regularly be cleaned to remove dust, etc. by broom or vacuum cleaner. Being prone to scratches easily, use of doormats should be preferred where ever feasible. Periodic mild soap water cleaning followed with clean water mop and letting it air dry will ensure that its shine and brightness remains undiminished for long years.

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