Carrara is perhaps the most prized variety of marble in the world. High in quality and colored between white and a bluish-grey, it is quarried in the province of Massa and Carrara in Tuscany.

The Carrara Marble Quarries in Italy are not only the source of all the White Carrara Marble tiles sold at White Mosaic; they are also a popular tourist attraction in their own right.
The famous Carrara marble has been quarried since the time of the ancient Romans. Iconic sculptors including Michelangelo favored this marble for their greatest creations as well as ancient monuments, and today visitors to the north of Tuscany can embark on tours of the Fantiscritti Marble Quarries in the Carrara region.
Carrara is in the region of Northern Tuscany called Versilia, and is comprised of the towns of Carrara, Pietrasanta, Massa, and the seaside town of Viareggio. The marble quarries lie near the pretty mining town of Colonnata, which is an ancient fortified village. It was, according to tradition, founded by the Romans as a base for the slaves who were recruited to mine the marble quarries. The marble quarries in the Colonnata region are most impressive visually.
The Fantiscritti is the central marble field in the area, and has remarkable views. One tour company offers jeep tours through the quarries for an up-close view of the marble cliffs and working mines. The guided tour includes amazing views of the marble quarries, the coast, and the city of Carrara; explanations of the history of marble and its myriad uses; a summer mini-bus tour inside the mines, and also a museum.
The third field in the area is Torano, and these quarries can be visited externally by car.


The Apuan Alps above Carrara have evidence of almost seven hundred quarry sites; half of these have today been emptied or abandoned. No other place on earth has produces as much marble as the quarries at Carrara. Quarrying is hazardous work, and the epitome of white marble, statuario, which was of the purest white, had been completely mined out of Carrara by the end of the last century. White Carrara marble with fine coloring, however, continues to be mined at a rate of millions of tonnes each year – and we bring some to you via White Mosaic.

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