A house is more than a shelter. Besides important attributes like convenience, strength, durability, etc., it invariably makes a statement about the persona of people living in it. Just like most things around us, architectural trends evolve over time. While it is easier to adapt to most changes which are comparatively minor, some things like changing the style of your building is not always practical. The buildings which use natural stones like marble or limestone or travertine display eternal charm and thus always remain contemporary in style. This significance of using natural stones over manufactured construction products is also pointed by most architects besides other inherent advantages associated with these stones.

Use of natural stones as architectural material for the interiors or exteriors of the buildings has been in vogue for centuries. The most famous monuments around the world have been constructed using the natural stones like marble or travertine or other natural stones which can be used in construction. Their grandeur and charm, despite the interval of centuries or even millennia between their construction and present times, attracts everyone.

Most of the natural stones used in buildings are metamorphic rocks which have been buried deep in the earth for millions of years. Limestone, a popular natural stone used in construction around the world over centuries, is said to be formed over millions of years at the bed of the oceans and lakes. Marble and Travertine are changed or metamorphic forms of limestone. Heat and pressure inside the earth’s crust for millions of years changed them. Slate, granite, sandstone and soapstone are other examples of natural stones which have been extensively used in buildings in the past and continue to be used today.

Natural stones are highly durable and thus are cheaper in the longer term. The minimal maintenance required for the natural stone is another distinct advantage provided the wise selection of appropriate natural stones at different building applications are made thoughtfully. Different natural stones have different characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses. Intelligent use of their properties will enhance their utilitarian and functional value for your house. For example, sandstones are ideal for exterior pavement flooring for its matte, anti-skid surface while soapstone serve exceedingly well for the area around fireplaces since they have excellent heat retaining capabilities.

Whether you are making a new home or remodeling your house, the natural stone will provide you the warmth and the uniqueness that cannot be matched with manufactured ones. Since stones are natural products, no two stones will be the same, and your exclusivity is guaranteed. Thus, if you opt for natural stone as your countertop or windowsill in the three bedroom house, each room will have a distinctive look. Similarly, natural stones used in columns or walls also give you connect with nature and have the incredible soothing effect. The variety of colors, patterns and designs available in natural stones can easily take care of your preferences and creativity to use it as per your choice.

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