There is a wide range of different types of flooring. Here we look at these and explain why, in our opinion, natural stone tile is the far superior choice when flooring the inside of your home.

The type of flooring you choose will markedly change the look and atmosphere of your rooms. Great flooring will enhance your home in an array of ways, and can even add significant value to your property. Here are the most popular types of flooring:

Carpet: carpeting a space makes it feel warmer and cozier, however carpets are notoriously difficult to keep clean and unstained, and do not tend to wear well. It is much more advisable to use rugs over hard flooring options to afford a cozier feel to a room.

Hardwood: hardwood is durable and attractive, offering a pleasing aesthetic. Drawbacks of hardwood flooring, however, include darkening with age, expansion and shrinkage, and possible damage from things like stiletto heels.

Bamboo: bamboo is a more environmentally friendly wood flooring option than hardwood. It is elegant and durable, providing a surface that is strong and clean. It may darken when exposed to sunlight or over time, and must not be left wet.

Laminate: a very cheap flooring alternative, laminate is strong, durable, and easy to maintain. It resists chipping and burning. It scratches easily, and can’t be refinished.

Ceramic Tile: ceramic tile is a good option for flooring that needs to be waterproof. It has a tendency to scratch, crack, and chip, and grout lines can be very difficult to clean.

Natural Stone: tiles made from marble, limestone, and travertine is the most durable and versatile flooring types available. Timeless and classic in appearance, they are very easily maintained, including cleaning. Available in an array of colors, sizes, and variations, natural stone tiles are the epitome of elegance, whether your home aesthetic is contemporary or rustic. Appearance improves with age. These tiles will literally last forever, providing proper care is taken to have tiles sealed to prevent absorption of liquids.

A room tiled in natural stone is cool, clean, and fresh. Every finish is unique, as every tile is unique.

Browse our range of natural stone tiles at White Mosaic today, to take the first step to a fresh, timeless, and appealing remodeling of your home. With just a change to your flooring, your entire space will be lifted and breathe new life.

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