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Our honey onyx tiles are a stunning addition to any home or office space.
Onyx is a natural stone, being a banded variety of chalcedony. Closely related to agate, onyx comes in an array of colors. While the bands of agate are curved, onyx displays bands that are parallel. Historically, onyx has been used for carving and making jewellery in the form of beads. The ancient Egyptians used it to make pottery items including bowls, and onyx is mentioned in The Bible as well as in writings by ancient Greeks and Romans.
Honey onyx is a beautiful and translucent stone that creates a luminous and dramatic effect in the home. When backlit, the effects are remarkable, creating a luxe aesthetic. Tiles in honey onyx are available in warm tones incorporating hues of orange, yellow and gold.
Contact White Mosaic today, or browse online for our full range of honey onyx tiles and other natural stone tiles for use throughout your home or other building space. We offer only the finest product, and at the very best process available online.

Honey Onyx

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