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Calacatta Gold Marble tiles are one of the most prized luxury stone tiles varieties available on the market today. Highly sought after, it is rarer than other varieties of marble, and as such is more expensive.
Like Carrara marble, Calacatta marble is quarried in Carrara, Italy, yet it is not as readily available as Carrara marble. It is quarried from the Calacatta Borghini and Calacatta Betolli quarries in Italy’s Apuan Mountains.
Calacatta gold marble is creamy-white with dramatic, bold grey veining with a mix of gold throughout. Between the grey/gold veining and the white background is characteristic, fine black pencil veining. Patterning within the marble tends to be thick and random, as opposed to linear in its inherent design. Some varieties of Calacatta marble have very dark patterning, and the heavy veining contrasts dramatically with the clean and crisp, fresh white of the background. It may be honed or polished to a finish.
Calacatta gold marble is a top quality, luxury stone product, ideal for both commercial and residential interior use. Perfect for kitchen backsplash tile, bathroom backsplash, fireplace surrounds, floors and walls, as well as bench tops and vanities, it is a gold-standard tiling option for a classic, elegant impact.

Calacatta Gold Marble

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