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White Carrara Marble tiles are crafted from high quality marble which is quarried in Carrara in Italy’s Tuscan region. It is very beautiful, very strong, and as such is popular for use both in building decor and also as a sculpture medium.
Carrara marble has been used in architectural decor since ancient Roman times, and many buildings exist from the centuries since which showcase this most precious stone. For example, the Basilica of Massa is built entirely from this type of marble, and Roman icons such as the Pantheon, as well as Renaissance sculptures such as Michelangelo’s David are carved from Carrara marble. In fact, Michelangelo himself prized Carrara marble above all other forms of stone.
White Carrara marble looks absolutely fantastic. It has a grayish tinge and soft, subtle veining within the stone which appears to be linear, but is also fine with a feathering effect.
Carrara marble is more readily available than some other marble varieties, and as such is more affordable than others. You can’t go past the beauty and relative affordability of a white Carrara marble kitchen bench top or bathroom vanity.
White Carrara marble is a classic and beautiful choice and a great alternative to granite and other stone varieties for bathrooms, kitchens, and also for features such as baseboards and other decorative features throughout the home.

White Carrara Marble

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