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Kitchen Murals

The kitchen has traditionally been perceived as the beating heart of a home; in times past, the lounge or dining room were for special occasions and important guests only, and the family would use the kitchen for everything from food preparation to socializing. For many of us, this remains true to this day. We use the kitchen for creating our sustenance, many of us congregate in the kitchen and, in many cases, it is even the place where we choose to gather to enjoy food, drink, and conversation.

As such, the kitchen is one room which we endeavor to make comfortable, comforting, and aesthetically pleasing. Kitchens are the first and foremost room of the home considered for renovation, and many a house has been bought and sold (or not) on the basis of the kitchen.

A beautiful and appealing kitchen is easily attained, and a drab kitchen can be transformed with the addition of a kitchen mural. While some kitchen murals are more traditional accented picture tiles, those that are most aesthetically pleasing to the eye and timelessly classic are stone mosaics created as backsplash or feature walls.

Mosaic tiles as sold by White Mosaic can create a vast array of different looks for your kitchen – and you can achieve a variety of kitchen murals with a difference. From brick designs to basket weaves; polished strips to diamond cuts; river rock pebble mosaics to herringbone or polished hexagons: choose a full wall, backsplash feature, or create a medallion mosaic. Our tiles suitable for kitchen murals are available in marble, limestone, onyx, and pebble stone.

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