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Marble Mosaic Tile

Marble mosaic tile offers a timeless, classic look to any space from kitchen and bathroom to decorative walls and even flooring throughout the home or office.

Marble is amongst the most beautiful of construction materials. No two pieces of authentic marble look the same, and your own marble tiling will be unique, each tile with its own hue, shading, and patterning. Marble has an appearance which is elegant and sophisticated, and it is with good reason that sales of marble tiling have risen exponentially over recent years. With a wide range of marble varieties, you can easily achieve the look you are after, and marble mosaic tile can enhance many different decorating styles, from elegant neoclassical rooms to the most contemporary of spaces.

Marble has many advantages. It is an inherently durable, robust, hard wearing stone. Marble will last forever – as evidenced in ancient marble buildings and sculpture dating from hundreds of years ago. It is, however, a high maintenance stone; being porous, it may need to be sealed for its enduring appearance and protection, and polishing regularly will keep it clean and lustrous.

Marble mosaic tile is available from White Mosaic in an array of colors, types, and designs. Our marble is imported from Italy and is of the highest quality available in the world. From polished squares to fans, bevels to hexagons, and diamonds to basket weave designs, you will be delighted at the range of marble tile we have to offer.